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  In late August 2011, each category of eight acts was assembled in a different room to await the judges.
 The four judges arrived, separately, by car and each was told to go one of the four rooms.
 Neither the 32 acts nor the four judges had any idea which judge would be mentoring which category - until the judge
 opened the door and entered the room...
Gary found he would be mentoring the Boys and told them they would be going to Judge`s House in Los Angeles, USA;
 Kelly found she would be mentoring the Girls and told them they would be going to Judge`s House in Miami, USA;
 Louis found he would be mentoring the Overs and told them they would be going to Judge`s House in Barcelona, Spain;
  Tulisa found she would be mentoring the groups and told them they would be going to Judge`s House in Mykolov, Greece. (
ITV X Factor. 25 Sep 2011).


   Before going to Judge`s House in Mykolov, Greece, Perrie Edwards, Jesy Nelson, Leigh-Anne Pinnock and Jade Thirlwall stayed for a month at Perrie`s mother`s home in South Shields, Tyne & Wear (The Mirror. 3 Oct 2011).
   The four girls
(at the time, in the group called Infinite Bass (Ready To Fly. Little Mix autobiography. Harper Collins. 2012) practised and rehearsed,
Jade`s mother, Norma, recalled: "Before they went to Greece, they lived upstairs in a pub, and practised for two weeks. On the second day, we heard them singing accapella and we just sat there with our mouths open." (The Mirror. 7 Dec 2011).
   Perrie, Jessy, Jade and Leigh-Anne also rehearsed at Woodlands Social Club, Bailsdon, Essex, where Perrie`s step-father, Mark Duffy, worked.
"they needed a place to rehearse together, as they were all from different parts of the UK, so we got them down here (Woodlands Social Club, Basildon, Essex). They performed at our club during cabaret night and all the locals loved them, though, at the time, we couldn`t say they were through (to the Judges` House on X Factor)". (Basildon Recorder. 5 Nov 2011).

   On the day before the girls flew out to Judges` House in Mykolov, Greece, the group name was changed from Infinite Bass to Rhythmix. (Ready To Fly.
Little Mix autobiography. Harper Collins. 2012)

   In September 2011, the eight acts in the Groups category - Rhythmix, The Lovettes; Girl v Boy; The Keys; Nu Vibe; 2 Shoes; The Risk; and Estrelle - arrived at Judges` House in Mykolov, Greece. (Daily Mail. 19 Sep 2011).
 The eight acts
were met by Tulisa, who introduced her guest - Jessie J - who would also watch the performances with Tulisa and help her in deciding which four of the eight acts would make it through to the "live" shows. (ITV X Factor. 2 Oct 2011)

  Each of the eight acts performed in front of Tulisa and Jessie J.

   Rhythmix (Perrie, Jesy, Jade, Leigh-Anne) performed two songs:
Big Girls Don`t Cry recorded by Fergie in 2006 and
Cry Me A River, originally recorded by Elle Fitzgerald in 1955, and by Justin Timberlake in 2002.

After all eight acts had performed, Tulisa and Jessie J discussed each of the performances.

  Tulisa then had to tell each group whether they were one of the four groups through to the X Factor "live" shows, or whether they were one of the four groups who would be going home and it was the end of their X Factor journey.
   After Girl v Boy learnt that they would be going home, Rhythmix -  Perrie, Jesy, Leigh-Anne, Jade - waited nervously to hear Tulisa`s decision...
. and were told they were through to the "live" shows.
   In the Groups category, Tulisa sent Estrelles, The Keys, The Lovettes, along with Girl v Boy, home, and, together with Rhythmix, put 2 Shoes, Nu Vibe and The Risk through to the "live" shows.

   16 acts were through to the "live" shows - four (including Rhythmix) in the Groups category mentored by Tulisa (as above): four in the Boys category mentored by Gary - Frankie Cocozza, Marcus Collins, Craig Colton, James Michael; four in the Girls category mentored by Kelly - Misha B, Janet Devlin, Sophie Habibis, Amelia Lily; four in the Overs category mentored by Louis - Kitty Brucknell, Johnny Robinson, Jonjo Kerr, and, initially, Goldie Cheung, but she pulled out of the contest before the "live" shows and was replaced by Sami Brooks.