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  Jesy began street dancing when she was eight years old (The Mirror. 13 Dec 2011).
   From the age of 12, Jesy attended after-school club at Danceworks Studio, Essex, where her teacher was Danielle Banjo (The Sun. 3 Dec 2011) , mother of two members of the dance group Diversity who won Britain`s Got Talent in 2009 (Daily Mail. 31 May 2009), said Jesy "was a very strong street dancer... Dancing was always her passion and singing ran underneath, as did drama" (The Sun. 3 Dec 2011). Jesy was one of 12 members of the dance group Out Of The Shadows, the sister group to Diversity. (Ready To Fly. Little Mix autobiography. Harper Collins. 2012).

   Jesy studied drama and music at Jo Richardson Community School (Ilford Recorder. 14 Dec 2911), a secondary school in Dagenham, Essex, where Jesy spent the last three years of her schooling (Ready To Fly. Little Mix autobiography. Harper Collins.2012). Catherine Cook, Head of Drama at Jo Richardson Community School, said, "Jesy was a wondeful drama student and cared deeply about her work. She has incredible ability to perform solo or as part of a group." (Ilford Recorder. 14 Dec 2011). Scott Richardson, Jesy`s music instructor at Jo Richardson Community School, said Jesy "excelled in dance and drama", but he added, Jesy "was reluctant to sing at school. Early experience on stage affected her confidence and she felt awkward performing her GCSE course work" (Ilford Recorder. 14 Dec 2011). Nevertheless, Jesy got As in music at Jo Richardson Community School. (Ilford Recorder. 14 Dec 2011).

   Jesy went on to attend Abbs Cross Academy & Arts College, Hornchurch, Essex. (The Mirror. 10 Dec 2011).

   On leaving Abbs Cross Academy, Jesy attended Sylvia Young Theatre School, (then) in Marylebone, London (Ilford Recorder. 10 Dec 2011). Sylvia Young said, Jesy "was a lovely girl, a nice student with talent. She showed great promise" (Ilford Recorder. 10 Dec 2011). But, some of the students at Sylvia Young Theatre School bullied Jesy, as Esin Guven, a friend of Jesy, recalled, "She (Jesy) had a terrible time for about a year. Some girls picked on her because she wore quirky clothes and was really talented" (Now magazine. 20 Dec 2011).

   Jesy attended Yvonne Rhodes Theatre School, Gidea Park, London. (Brentwood Recorder 6 Jan 2011). Yvonne Rhodes said Jesy "is a very polite and very talented girl, what people don`t know about her is, she is a brilliant dancer and actress who is good at comedy" (Brentwood Recorder 6 Jan 2011).

   Jesy danced at Liberty Shopping Centre, Dagenham, Essex.  (Romford Recorder. 5 Dec 2011). Susan Williamson, Liberty`s PR and Marketing Manager, said "Jesy Nelson is home-grown talent, we are very proud of her as she used to dance at the Liberty fashion shows"
(Romford Recorder. 5 Dec 2011).

  < Jesy performing at Liberty Shopping Centre.

   Jesy worked as a barmaid at Goals, Dagenham, Essex. (The Sun. 3 Dec 2011). Chris Walton, Jesy`s boss at Goals, recalled Jesy "brought in a couple of cds of her singing. We always knew she wanted to go on X Factor. She was really popular, dancing away behind the bar" (The Sun. 3 Dec 2011).
Jesy said,
"I always wanted to be a singer. Then, a friend said `go for the X Factor, what have you got to lose?` I was a waitress and didn`t want to do it anymore." (The Mirror. 13 Dec 2011).