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Out of the thousands who had auditioned for X Factor 2011, 186 contestants had made it through to bootcamp.

  On Sunday 14 August 2011, the 186 arrived at Seldon Park Hotel, Croydon (borough of South London, formerly in the county of Surrey).
(The Sun. 16 Aug 2011).
Among the 186 who arrived at bootcamp were four girls (who, at that stage, did not know each other and each had auditioned separately as a solo performer) -
  JESY NELSON (pictured arriving at bootcamp),
                                PERRIE EDWARDS,
                                LEIGH-ANNE PINNOCK,
                                JADE THIRLWALL

The next morning, Monday 15 August 2011, at 11am, the 186 contestants were assembled in four groups on the hotel lawn.
The four X Factor judges - Louis Walsh, Tulisa Contostavalos, Kelly Rowland, and Gary Barlow - came out on to the terrace.
Gary told the contestants: "We saw hundred of people and now we have the measure of where the best are and where the worst
 are. I think we need to get rid of a lot of people." Kelly explained: "Last night, while you guys were out enjoying yourselves, we
 decided to take a look back at your auditions, we reviewed them all on tape. There are some incredibly talented people standing
 before us, the bar is set extremely high this year."
 Then Gary gave the contestants the judges` decision: "The group on the left of centre - I`m sorry guys, you`re all going home. To everyone else - we really look forward to working with  you this week. See you soon".
(The Sun. 16 Aug 2011)
    186 had arrived at bootcamp. 35 were going home, without performing in front of the judges at bootcamp (Metro News. 16 Aug 2011).
 151 would be performing in front of the judges on the first day of bootcamp.
 Among the 151 were
four girls - Leigh-Anne Pinnock,  Jesy Nelson, Perrie Edwards, and Jade Thirlwall - and each would be performing as a solo artist.


   The 151 - regardless of whether initially auditioning as a solo performer or as a member of a group - were split into 30 groups.
Perrie Edwards, Jesy Nelson, Leigh-Anne Pinnock, and Jade Thirlwall were each in different groups.
Each group was given one of six tracks selected by the judges
Price Tag; Breakeven; You`ve Got The Love; Born This Way; Firework; and Forget You - and had four hours to rehearse the track, before performing it in front of the judges.
The group with Jesy (pictured second from right) performed Price Tag; the group with Leigh-Anne
 also performed Price Tag;
the group with Perrie performed Breakeven; and the group with Jade performed Firework.
The 151 who had performed in front of the judges was reduced to 56. (ITV X Factor. 24 Sep 2011)

   Neither Perrie, Jesy, Leigh-Anne, nor Jade made it through the first bootcamp challenge (Hello. 12 Dec 2011).


 The four girls - Perrie, Jesy, Leigh-Anne, and Jade - were to be given a "life-line". 24 of the rejected contestants were recalled by the judges. Tulisa told them "We feel all of you have a lot of potential but not necessarily as solo artists. So if anyone in this room isn`t happy with being in a group, you need to leave now." (Daily Mail. 26 Sep 2011).
   On Tuesday 16 August 2011, the 24 recalled contestants were put into groups (Daily Mail. 26 Aug 2011). The judges, initially, put Jade, Leigh-Anne, and Jesy into one group, before Jesy was taken out of that group and put into another group with Perrie. (Ready To Fly. Little Mix autobiography. Harper Collins. 2012).


 Faux Pas, with
 Perrie Edwards (left),
 Jesy Nelson (right),
 and two other girls

 Orion, with
 Jade Thirlwall (left),
 Leigh-Anne Pinnock (centre),
 and one other girl;

  The Lovettes;


   Nu Vibe;

   The Risk

   With the formation of the six new groups - Faux Pas, Orion, The Lovettes, Misfits, Nu Vibe, The Risk - the number of acts increased from 56 to 61.
   On Wednesday 17 August 2011, each of the 61 acts was each given one new song, and had 24 hours to learn it, before performing the new song in front of the judges and an audience. (stv.com. 26 Sep 2011)

   On Thursday 18 August 2011, each of the 61 acts performed in front of the judges and an audience of 5000 at Wembley Arena, London. (stv.com. 26 Sep 2011).
   Faux Pas, with Perrie and Jesy, performed Survivor, and Orion, with Leigh-Anne and Jade, performed Yeh X3 (ITV X Factor. 24 Sep 2011).
   After all 61 acts had performed in front of the judges and the audience at Wembley Arena, the judges deliberated and decided that 31 acts, including seven groups, had made it through to the Judges` Houses stage. (Unrealitytv.com. 25 Sep 2011),
but neither Faux Pas, the group with Perrie and Jesy, nor Orion, the group with Jade and Leigh-Anne, had made it through to Judges` Houses...
. (ITV X Factor. 25 Sep 2011)


   Seven groups had made it through to Judges` Houses, but the judges decided that an eighth group was needed and they discussed forming one more group
- by taking two girls from one group and two girls from another group.
    On Saturday 20 August 2011, in the backstage holding area where the acts were waiting, a member of the X Factor production team read out four names:
"Jesy Nelson. Perrie Edwards. Jade Thirlwall. Leigh-Anne Pinnock" and told them that the judges wanted to see them back on stage.
The girls went back on stage and stood in front of the judges. Kelly Rowland spoke to them: "I guess you`re wondering why you`re here?" and then asked them if they could work together. The girls glanced at each other, Jesy nodded, and Leigh-Anne said "Yes".
Kelly cheered and Tulisa said, "Then you are through to Judges` Houses." (ITV X Factor. 25 Sep 2011).

   Now 32 acts were through to Judges` Houses - with 8 acts in each of the four categories:
   THE GIRLS:     
Amelia Lily; Misha Bryan; Holly Repton; Sian Phillips; Janet Devlin; Jade Richards; Sophie Habibis.
   THE BOYS:      
Joe Cox; Frankie Cocozza; Luke Lucas; John Wilding; Marcus Collins; Max Vickers; James Michael; Craig Colton
   THE OVERS:   
Kitty Brucknell; Sammi Brookes; Joseph Gillighan; Goldie Cheung; Johnny Robinson; Carolynne Poole; Jonjo Kerr; Terry Winstanley
The Lovettes; Girl v Boy; The Keys; Nu Vibe; 2 Shoes; The Risk; Estrelle; and a new, as yet un-named, group with Perrie Edwards, Jesy Nelson, Leigh-Anne Pinnock, and Jade Thirlwall (Unrealitytv.com. 25 Sep 2011). .

   The new group, with Perrie, Jesy, Leigh-Anne and Jade, was initially called Infinite Bass, but the X Factor producers thought that name was not right. so on the day before Judges` Houses, the name of the group was changed to Rhythmix (Ready To Fly. Little Mix autobiography. Harper Collins. 2012).  


   Highlights of the judges` decisions on which groups had made it through to bootcamp, and the judges forming a new group - to be known as Rhythmix - were screened on ITV X Factor on 24 and 25 September 2011